NFCS projects / Activities

NFCS projects / Activities 2011 - 2014


1. Arctic climate: Survey of available Nordic information about Arctic climate (reports, maps, past, present and future climate), incl. links to relevant web-pages

2. Climate Normals 1981-2010: Maps of anomalies between climatology for the period 1981-2001 and the “standard normal period” 1961-90.

3. Communication with users: Meetings among NMHS communicators, and with important user groups

4. Information about severe Nordic weather incidents: Joint description of national and cross-country severe weather events(wind storms, heavy rainfall, extreme temperatures, etc.) in the Nordic region. The information will be provided to media, and will be included in the national Climate Service web-sites.

5. High-quality climate series (NORDHOM): Collaboration on development and implementation of homogenisation methodology, and update of the homogenised “Nordic Climate Dataset, NkDS” covering the period 1890-present.

6. Heavy rainfall: Collaboration on methodology for estimating Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) statistics; Regionalization, visualization and communication of IDF-values; Historical trends for short-term precipitation; Projections of future high-intensity rainfall

7. Climate Service products based on spatial interpolation: Possible topics may be to establish Nordic grids for daily temperature and precipitation for the period 1981-present based on a joint observation dataset.