Terms of Reference for NORDMET Activity:

Nordic Framework for Climate Services (NFCS)


The main objective of NFCS is to boost the availability of climate information in the Nordic countries, by developing and sharing best practices in data handling, climate service products and communication with users.
NORDMET activities on climate will be complementary to those carried out by the Member NMHS and focusing on elements where integration could be beneficial.

NFCS will in particular:

  • Identify and propose to NOSC high-priority, short and long term, activities within NFCS
  • Develop strategies to advance visibility and usability of Nordic NHMS’ climate services for user communities.
  • Organize meetings and workshops to develop methods and concepts of climate services for various user groups.
  • Provide data and expertise, collaborate on developing tailored climate products, and promote joint methodological development
  • Develop ways of communicating the scientific content of climate information in an understandable format
  • Contribute to international collaboration on climate services, GFCS, JPI, EUMETNET, GMES, Arctic activities,…

NORDMET institutes name their contact persons to NFCS. Planning, managing and reporting of activities will be tasked to NFCS Working Group.