2nd NFCS-Workshop

2nd NFCS-Workshop, Helsinki, May 2013

Place: Dynamicum, FMI, Helsinki
Time: From 2.5.2013 11am to 3.5 13am


Participants: DMI: John Cappelen; EMHI: Kairi Vint; FMI: Juha Aalto, Achim Drebs, Minna Huuskonen, Juho‐Pekka Kaukoranta, Mikko Laapas, Reija Ruuhela, Henriikka Simola, Heikki Tuomenvirta; MET Norway: Eirik Førland, Elin Lundstad, Ole‐Einar Tveito; SMHI: Thomas Carlund, Erik Engström, Lena Lindström

Reija Ruuhela opened the workshop and welcomed participants. The workshop discussed the agenda, and adopted it.

Short minutes:
1. Tour de Table
FMI: Open data: On 3 June FMI will launch a user‐interface in order to provide open access to vast amount of FMI weather, marine and climate data (observations, weather prediction model output, cc scenarios etc). The data is free of charge also for commercial use. Metadata: About twenty years ago a report on digital station history was prepared. Some of the principles and practices for transferring metadata in digital format are still valid. A novel system for metadata collection was presented.
SMHI: The old Nordic Climate Dataset (NkDS) pages are still running, but SMHI is prepared to construct new web pages for the Nordic climate data and NFCS co‐operation. Status of long‐term data series was described.
Met Norway: All Norwegian long-term temperature series have recently been homogenized. Some of the series are covering more than 100 years of observations. Met Norway is prepared to launch a wiki site to assist NORDHOM work.
EMHI is about to be merged as part of a larger Estonian environmental institute. Many of the long‐term station series contain inhomogeneities. A proposal for a joint EMHI‐Met Norway project to handle the homogeneity problems has been submitted.
DMI: The work on long‐term climate series at DMI has focused maintaining the quality and updating of observation series from Denmark and Greenland. A major homogeneity testing and adjusting work was carried out ca. ten years ago.

2. Break‐out for parallel sessions
a) Session on NORDHOM and Homer software.
Before meeting, homogenization of common benchmark dataset networks was performed individually in Met Norway, SMHI and FMI using HOMER software. Results of detected breaks were compared and user experiences exchanged. Generally results were promising, with only small differences in detected breaks. Need of metadata for successful application of HOMER software was also underlined. The group updated the NORDHOM work plan.
b) NFCS meeting.
To achieve its main goals, NFCS will organize workshops on jointly agreed themes and promote the NFCS projects (incl. NORDHOM). It was agreed to complement the present results of NFCS activities on the planned NFCS webpages (hosted by SMHI). This includes collection of information on Arctic climate data, Nordic climate maps 1981‐2010, climate service products etc.
List of contact persons to report on weather and climate events with international media interest will be formed. These persons are familiar with information provided to media and can reply to information requests from the other Nordic met. institutes. FMI will take lead on this.
The next NFCS workshop will consist of Tour de Table presentations on pre‐defined topics to exchange information on good practices. It was agreed to take heavy rainfall events as one of topics for the next workshop in autumn. Heikki, Eirik and John will plan for the heavy rainfall session.
It was agreed to start planning of a Nordic gridding project. This project will aim to utilize data produced by NORDHOM project. One of the focus topics will be new normals and daily data. Ole‐Einar will provide the first draft of project plan.
A web meeting will be organized in August-2013 before the NFCS/NORDHOM workshop. Lena will explore technologies to organize the web meeting.

3. Closing
Next NFCS – NORDHOM two‐days workshop will be organized in November-2013, possibly in the week 47 or 48 in Norrköping.