The aim of NORA is to foster the Nordic development of common operational algorithms and software and to create new radar products or improve existing ones for the quantitative use of radar data.

The NORA group is open for representatives from all European radar teams willing to contribute with ideas, tools, and/or resources.

NORA interacts with NORDRAD/NOG in the analysis of deficiencies and potential of the NORDRAD technical system and for implementation issues.
NORA acts as contact point to national and international research projects/programs as well as NOMEK training. The NORA representatives act as contact points to their national radar teams. They introduce the projects in their own institute and secure national resource allocation.

NORA organizes the annual Baltic Weather Radar Workshop (BWRW) with open participation together with the national radar team(s). The workshop is the main forum for interaction between NORDRAD radar operations and research but also with a wider European radar community. In the workshop the plans in each participating institute and the progress in the NORA projects are presented. NORA has no regular meetings for members only but interact using Internet and meet in the BWRW.

Convenor: Harri Hohti (FMI)