The NORDKLIM dataset (NKDS) is a comprehensive set of monthly data for the stations shown in the figure. The start date for each station is a bit shifting, but the most of the stations starts around 1890. For temperature and precipitation the data have been updated until 2012 where possible.

Available parameters are:
101 Mean temperature 0.1 °C T (until 2012)
111 Mean maximum temperature 0.1 °C Tx
112 Highest maximum temperature 0.1 °C Th
113 Day of Th date Thd
121 Mean minimum temperature 0.1 °C Tn
122 Lowest minimum temperature 0.1 °C Tl
123 Day of Tl date Tld
401 Mean Pressure 0.1 hPa P
601 Precipitation Sum 0.1 mm R (until 2012)
602 Maximum 1-day precipitation 0.1 mm Rx
701 Number of days with snow cover (> 50% covered) days dsc
801 Mean cloud cover % N

In the stations catalogue you can se each station name and identification number together with the latitude,
longitude and station height. Also start and end year are given.

For the station catalogue and the data set, se the attached files below. For more information se the attached report08_2001 pdf file.


report08_2001.pdf1.19 MB
Nordklim_station_catalogue_v2_0_2015.xlsx29.71 KB
Nordklim_data_set_v2_0_2015.xlsx4.73 MB