Co-operation in the field of nuclear accidents (Nord MetNet)

Co-operation in the Field of Nuclear Accidents NORDMET Activity serves as a forum for exchange of scientific information concerning atmospheric dispersion modeling as well as being a Nordic Web-based backup facility for long-range atmospheric dispersion calculations and for exchange of real-time and forecast model results.

The objectives of this NORDMET Activity are:

  • to harmonise the output of the different dispersion models, including graphical plots and data files and make it available to the Nordic emergency management authorities in common internet-portal
  • to perform at least two nuclear emergency modeling exercises in connection to suitable exercises performed by the Nordic emergency management authorities or other international exercises
  • to perform an evaluation of the performed real-time exercises with regard to both scientific aspects and presentations on the Web.

Homepage: (passworrd required)

Convenor: Jens Havskov Sørensen, DMI
Phone: +45 3915 7432
Fax: +45 3915 7460